Kisaan Morcha

Kisaan Morcha

The Kisan Morcha has begun again. After the first time, an essay was produced called “The Kisaan Morcha was NOT a Victory” which was a retrospective analysis from an Azadist perspective as to the factors that caused the Indian agricultural industry to be so broken in the first place, and a series of measures that should be demanded to improve the situation.

The fact that the Morcha has had to start again proves the labelling of that essay as appropriate. It wasn’t a victory, and now reading through some of the demands put forth this time, it doesn’t seem like this one will be either. Until there is a fundamental restructure and reprioritisation of the Indian system, the people of India (and the world) will continue to suffer.

Therefore, that essay is still just as (if not more) relevant now for those of you who wish to understand what is truly going on and potential ways to solve it. This Vichaar Repository hosts all the sections from that original essay (which you can download here: ) as well as potential further Vichaars that may be added as this Morcha develops. Use the links at the bottom of this page to stay updated via social media or by joining our email list. If you would like to contribute to this repository, send us an email at contact@azadism.co.uk.

The Kisaan Morcha Was NOT A Victory

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