In this Vichaar Repository hosted by Bunga Azaadi, we seek to both establish a sort of canon history or lore that the Bunga accepts as its standard version of events, as well as an opportunity for Vicharaks to expand upon with their own research.

As was mentioned in the introduction to the Azadist Manifesto (LINK), the “Azadist analytical framework” considers Itihaas as a combination of three things:

History - Events which actually occurred in the past
Mythology - The embellishment and sensationalism of events that may or may not have happened
Reality - How the story is applicable to your own life today

This Vichaar repository is focused primarily on the first component, the actual historical chronology of Sikhi as accurately as we can determine. For more information on Itihaas in general, visit the Itihaasology Vichaar Repository (LINK).

However, determining history is a difficult task. A historian is a sort of crime scene investigator

Therefore in typical Azadist fashion, we present this Vichaar Repo as a “market place for ideas”, where positions can be presented, tested, debunked and changed when better evidence comes to light. What we hope to do is to iterate the process of researching history so that we can forge some ..OBAPs.. as well as provide further, more in depth Vichaars (either research, opinions or counter-arguments) branching off the main sections.

With the blessings of the Khalsanama Productions, Bunga Azaadi is honoured to host their documentaries in this Vichaar Repo and use it as a sort of backbone for any further Vichaars that may branch off them over time. Much of what has been presented in these quality productions is aligned to what the Bungai thinks, so there was little reason to duplicate the effort. However, where there are deviations in opinion to the official Bunga Azaadi position, these will be communicated in the relevant sub-Vichaars. Nonetheless, unless otherwise stated, the content in these documentaries are the official canon history Bunga Azaadi accepts.

These and any other Vichaars contained in this repository labelled with “Official Bunga Azaadi Position” are just that...

However, we also welcome counter-Vichaars as well. If they are presented professionally and respectfully, we would be happy to review and if appropriate host them in this Vichaar Repository. Although they may not receive a OBAP label, they may be included regardless so that Sangat can hear both sides of a topic and make up their own mind.

For Vicharaks, this is also encouraged for the reasons stated in the following piece:... Bias and Itihaas.

Disclaimer -

OBAPs do not mean that every member of the Bunga agrees with that position...
All it denotes is that, unless it can be debunked, the OBAP is the standard position and referne


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