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Deliver your release assets to bSHARP
days before your release date, if not earlier
It’s the ideal lead time that platforms ask for to potentially consider entry into editorial playlists
click to modify your target release date 👉
Wed, Sep 21, 2022
deliver assets before ⏳
Tuesday, August 23, 2022
80 days ago

Assets needed for delivery
unfold info by clicking the icon

Pitch text to introduce the audio work (influence, context, theme, etc.)
How to write a good "pitch" for editorial?
Try to stay under 500 characters. It is possible to exceed this limit in our direct pitches to platforms, but we will be forced to trim down to 500 characters when pitching on SpotifyForArtists.
Write in the third person, stay honest and true to your artistic sensibilities, avoid jargon.
→ What message do you want to convey with this release? Choose a strong message and describe it in 2-3 sentences. Try to capture the essence of the songs, get the listener to discover them with the right context, the right emotions. + describe your style, your artistic approach, what motivates you, the emotions you are trying to explore, etc. + describe the genesis of the release: the inspiration behind the songs, what you learned in creating them, etc. + instill maximum credibility in the project: in your "story", what makes you powerful and unique as an artist? How does the release fit into your overall project? & (if the whole thing is short) recall its most important successes, and the next important appointments
Promo & marketing & tour info
promo: have you confirmed media support (web/blog, influencers/curators, radio, tv, etc.)?
marketing: what actions are you planning around the release?
advertising on socials, on youtube, in media? What budget?
doing of pre-save... doing a raffle/contest... event on Discord...
postering, stickers, treasure hunt...
all information is good to show that you are dynamic and that you will solicit your fanbase to make noise about your project. Think about your release campaign, and above all don't leave this info empty.
upcoming shows : provide date & location & any relevant info
Audio master
.WAV (PCM) or .FLAC or .AIFF format
for HD delivery, one of these formats : - 24-bit / 44100 Hz (24/44) - 24-bit / 48000 Hz (24/48) - 24-bit / 88200 Hz (24/88) - 24-bit / 96000 Hz (24/96)
1400px*1400px (minimum), JPG format
who wrote the lyrics?
who composed the instrumental?
Publisher(s) for each author(s)/composer(s)
Preview start TikTok
at what second to start the TikTok sample & the free sample on some stores
Year of production / recording
if you have an ISRC root. If not, we can provide you an ISRC for your tracks
(if applicable) Name of the Arrangers or Audio Producers

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