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Tournament Report

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Round 1 - Need You Tonight vs. Bohemian Like You
Round 1 - Die in the Disco vs. Into the River
Round 1 - A Little Messed Up vs. Hitohira No Hanabira
Round 1 - Hey Ho vs. Girl Next Door
Round 1 - Wicked vs. You
Round 1 - Matador vs. The Sinner
Round 1 - Intoxicate Me vs. In the Dark
Round 1 - Love Burns vs. Dreaming
Round 1 - Weakness and Lust vs. Your Woman
Round 1 - Expectations vs. Thumbs
Round 1 - #r140 vs. Take Your Time
Round 1 - A Daisy Chain for Satan vs. I Really Fucked It Up
Round 1 - Big Bad Wolf vs. This Bitch

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