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man & machine Ver O.3 - work in Progress

who am I ?

An ambitious, risk-taking professional.
An observant with a microscope in hand, a curious mind, working with a wilful heart.
A life's work of embracing both the creative and the quantitative, developing useful products, thriving businesses & enviable brands.
Comes along with an innate desire to learn & tell stories in different forms while making functional products. Their beauty is in their simplicity.
Help in-house leaders and teams build sustainable products and scale services, memorable brands, understand their users or customer , and communicate their purpose, while leveraging from the best of my experience.

Product Development, Immersive Experience, Enriching Content, Branding & Marketing,Workflow & Technology consultant.

about man

a man full of complexity,
a father on the verge of simplicity,
not afraid to ask why and times, you might not get a likeable reply.
With relationships built and broken overages his love for machines is yet shaken,
a man who always stood his ground, not shy to seek inspiration and mold them into his very own tales.
For his spoken English is better than written, that's why in school he failed... he failed at attempts to bring his ideas to life.
Wakes up every day, to put on another fight the end is nothing but an infinite state of change..... a leisurely moment but a constant state of pleasure.

Keeping cheeky prose and poetry aside, let's get on with the business of solving your curiosity.

As a human I try to evolve with time, with time having a different meaning for each individual, i strive to remain ahead of time, by following my values at work and business.

Have deep interest in learning, finding problems, building relationships.

A few years ago, I realised solving problems as a product and directly for my end user is a better career than just making films. At the very same time I realised my calling, system design [ not the mechanical or robotic ones ] With a deep interest in data flow amongst the team, I spend a lot of time developing proof of concepts of ideas of the workflows in my head, the same process goes around with the rest of the team, but on an actionSpace created in-house @shunya.ek.

My creations adds value in the life of the users, clients audience of my creations (system design, product, films, experiences ).

You can often meet with a 10 min notice, rest of the time, I am cooking, wood working, brainstorming over casual time, friends & family eat up rest of the time.

about professional

With a career over 2 decade in a short life of 40 years, Gitesh has worked in / and with every department of a handful of industries up closer than an average professional does.
A skilled collaborator & a passionate innovator who works and communicates effectively across all levels of an organisation including executive management, key partners, vendors and clients to build strong alliances and drive production & services led business performance.

At places like BBC media action, & Jungle Studio he led a handful team of talented professionals.
Has worked as a vendor for several national and multinational organisations.
With strong opinion, hard to please, never ending energy, troubleshooting & grooming, individuals and teams, are few of his attributes visible by far.
Leads and empowers team members by providing inspirational and positive leadership.
By applying deep knowledge of technology platforms, applications, processes, and procedures, he can manage competing priorities without compromising quality.
Starting a shop when on school holidays as a kid, to brain behind at production-houses & TV Channels, he tirelessly reinvents himself.
Professional Ethics being his adoration with a record of 99.91 on delivery Interested in projects that offer challenges and have scope of learning
Currently, he has taken upon himself to level up the worlds coefficient of work efficiency.
while letting no idea die.
helping each project reach it's true potential.
resolving Errors in communication and team work securing data in communication and transit.
making world collaborate in real-time.
He leads a small team at dot shunya ek pvt ltd. where he creates products beyond current benchmarks.
Utterly opinionated in binary.

about business man

parivar se karo pyar, sanskar se seekho vyavhar, se karo vyapaar

Coming from a family of immigrant businessmen, my entrepreneurial journey started even before I knew I could pronounce the word.
When kids of my age were busy with cricket during summer holidays, I used to set up a small shop outside my paternal home in a small town, deep in the bordering area of Uttar Pradesh.
With a belief that setting up business does not require capital, I used to take stock ( goodies / comics / other stuff ) on debt from the shop keepers in my town and set up a small shop outside my house on a small charpai ( baby cot ).
Ending my summer holidays with a pocket full of my own earned pocket money gave me immense satisfaction. The experience did teach me a thing or two on how to be independent and how to create value out of nothing but ideas.
Once at a school fare stall, I ended up losing a duck that I borrowed. Ended up paying all the earning.
As I grew up, the influence of television grew on me. The creative / artist side of me took over and got me hooked on computers. Teaching at one of the only computer institutes in my town, I had students who were of the age of my dad and landed me in a contract job at a nationalised bank ( then Allahabad bank), for a data entry project. Unhappy with the software I was asked to work on. I ended up writing software ( in fox-pro ) while learning it all by myself. It gave me a high, which till now no other substance could. The rest of the story still needs to be typed.

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