Website visitors overview

There was a marked decrease in Sessions and User numbers in the first quarter of this year (when compared to the same period last year). If we use the previous quarter as the comparison period, it’s a similar story.
Worth noting, is that the traffic we got seemed to be better quality, with those visitors viewing almost twice the number of pages and staying twice as long on the site. The Bounce Rate dropped by 11% as well. It also appears that more visitors returned to the site then did previously.
Screen Shot 2023-04-11 at 11.52.29 AM.jpg
It’s worth noting that, there were adjustments late last year to the functions around user acceptance of cookie permissions. In particular, to prevent Google Analytics from using cookies if users didn’t allow cookies. I think this may have impacted the Google Analytics data.
Another possible reason for the drop in traffic is there were some in Dec and Jan which may have impacted the site. That said, it doesn’t seem like our search rankings dropped significantly during this period, so this is just one possible reason.

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