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VC Weekly Meeting Team Hub

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Run your weekly meeting with Coda + Affinity
The weekly meeting is a ritual of great VCs, where we bring together our collective insights & opportunities, choose priorities, enrich our data, and hold ourselves accountable to getting things done.
This template enables you to do all of that in Coda with a real-time integration using the . You can run your entire process in Coda or switch back & forth with Affinity, your data will sync automagically.

About the Authors

We’re , a partner of Coda who developed this doc with Brian Devaney at .

1 Create your weekly meeting doc

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to run your weekly meeting in Coda ​This doc works with Affinity CRM. If you’d like to use a different CRM, send us a

a Connect Coda to Affinity with

We’ll take you set-by-step. Hint: click the link 👆

b Set the date for your

Set the date for the upcoming meeting.

c Snapshot your meeting with

Archive your meeting for future reference with a recap that you can email to yourself & attendees.

2 Try out your

Each has a personal dashboard for the meeting, including you.

a Network as a team with

Select who you’d like to discuss & take care of your to dos for the upcoming meeting.

b Keep track of commitments with

Report your progress on action items for the upcoming meeting.

3 Invite your team

When you are ready...
on the top right of this doc to give your team members access.
Add them to .
Go to to invite them to complete their

Congrats! You’re all set. 🚀

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