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Prop Intel Demo Process

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Prop Intel Demo Process


Company Admin Access

Use super admin access to change the logo and color of your demo company 🐞 Bug Note: Company Logo currently not appearing on Property Pages)

Log In

Enter your Prop Intel Admin email address (ie
Click the link in the email you receive
You are now logged in as the super admin

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Customize Company

Click Edit Details button
In popup, scroll down to Company Logo
Click Upload
Select the downloaded company logo file from your computer (you did download their logo, right?)
Click and Drag to crop the image and click Upload
Scroll down a little further and choose the company color.
Click the dropper icon to pull up the color picker, OR
Enter the hex code for the company’s primary color
Update your changes
Click the icon on the upper right to LOGOUT
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Loan Officer Access

Use Loan Officer access to demo manually creating a page and inviting a homeowner
Log into Data Center 1.5
Click the Property Intelligence link in the upper right of the screen

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Demonstrating a Prop Intel Page

You will want to demo Prop Intel as a Loan Officer. To do so, follow these steps
Log in to Prop Intel as a Loan Officer (see above)
Visit the Properties page
Find the property (or create one first) and check the box to the left
Click the Actions button in the upper right
Select View
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