Questions to consider:
What do we need to accomplish this year?
-Establish Intent to use Software with 130 Companies
- What are the most important things we can be doing in the next 90 days?
Establish Brand voice as preffered social impact software for small and medium sized businesses
- Where should we be concentrating our efforts?
Creating Credibility and initial customer base

Company Wide Objective:
Capture .001% market share (130 Companies) by end of 2020
Product(Next 90 Days)
MVP needs to be able to group employees and let them denote giving preferences
MVP needs to be function
Marketing (Next 90 Days)
Create Brand following
Establish dominant online presence and expertise in CSR, Social Impact, Giving, employee retention through Social Impact, and increased recruiting through employee giving
Design (Next 90 days)
Design content to attract our customers
Design content to attract investors

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