Brent Martin Resume
Brent Martin Resume

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Skilled Technical Product Manager with 7+ years of Product experience - seeking to leverage product, technical, and leadership experience from fast-growing startups and large product organizations.
Led 15+ cross-functional teams to positive outcomes, including: reducing Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC) by 60%, Time to Market (TTM) by 95%, and launching new product ahead of schedule and at 7x the scale of our goal (17.5k alpha users instead of 2.5k). Taught Product to 35+ Jr. Development teams, and trained 6 Jr. PM's through product work on my veteran teams.
Managed the full product lifecycle of most products I've worked on, with many starting from 0 lines of code. Drove several of these products from 0 to 1, reaching 100k+ users for some.


Product techniques

Agile Development Design ThinkingPrototyping Lean Product DevelopmentUser-centered Design RetrospectiveJourney Mapping Empathy MappingProduct Discovery Feature ValidationUser Research User Story WritingScrum Kanban Acceptance CriteriaUsability Testing Hypothesis TestingA/B Testing Data VisualizationTrend Analysis Regression AnalysisOutcome Based Roadmapping MVP

Product tools

Notion Confluence Miro Mural Aha!Productboard Trello Jira Asana Dune Analytics Mixpanel AmplitudeFigma Sprig Typeform SurveyMonkeyZapier Airtable Pop TupleGithub Zoom Slack Discord


CI/CD Git CLI SQL IPFS Regex Ruby Go Ruby on Rails JavaScriptAWS GPC Datadog Postgres Solidity


Product Management EngineeringStrategy Team Management LeadershipCross-Functional CommunicationMarket Research Risk ManagementGrowth Operations SecurityOnboarding Customer Support


Senior Product Manager

| Remote | 2021-2023
Shipping tools and infrastructure for developers to fund and build open-source software and public goods
Planned, built, and launched Gitcoin Passport - a self-sovereign data aggregation Product that issues digital identities to users (i.e. Passport Holders). Leveraged cloud solutions for infra on the protocol. in Web3
Designed a protocol for Gitcoin Passport that is off-chain, decentralized, and privacy-preserving. Accomplished by storing Verified Credentials (VC) with Decentralized Identifiers (DID) as data streams on the Ceramic Network, and only sharing a proof of relevant evidence existence - behaving like a zero-knowledge proof
Released prototypes as the first Product Manager in Moonshot Collective - the innovation labs for Gitcoin. Ran lean engineering teams that shipped on 15+ prototypes to real users (0 to 1)

Product Researcher

Cloud and Block Labs (owner) | Remote | 2018-2021
Product discovery for distributed/decentralized projects powered by cloud infrastructure.
Advised startups on how to leverage cloud infrastructure to increase the performance of their decentralized Product while reducing costs - lowering clients cost by an average of 35%
Created a content delivery strategy that deployed a private cluster of IPFS nodes to distribute content, replacing the need for static hosting and increasing network redundancy exponentially in the process - between 5x and 10x per client
Attended Crypto and DeFi conferences globally to demo products, while advising projects and collaborating with over 50 developers cross-functionally

Technical Product Manager

(Lambda Labs) | Remote | 2019-2020
Y Combinator backed startup innovating in secondary education. In Lambda Labs, student teams build real products in a cross-functional, realistic environment.
Reinvented how Labs developed Product by designing a process for product discovery and better product documentation - managing 30 Labs products through 72 teams
Built new Product Documentation in Notion to make documentation scalable and cross-functional for teams - went from handling 50 to 1000+ students and staff at a time in 6 months
Developed a Data Science product discovery process and collaborated with Instructors and Engineering to improve quality of projects - resulting in NPS rise from a negative score to 60 for Data Science

Head of Growth

| Austin, TX | 2017-2019
Venture backed SaaS tool from BTC Labs to run compliant token sales.
Drove product strategy and direction for fundraising platform, growing the users from 0 to 12k+ while raising $40MM+ in investments across the platform
Improved the onboarding process through building automation and tools that took onboarding from 4 weeks down to 24 hours, reducing the Time to Market (TTM) for customers by 95%
Led a cross-functional team of 8 in building a payment platform using a microservices architecture and event sourcing with Ruby

Product Strategy

| Austin, TX | 2017-2019
R&D and venture studio under BTC Inc. building decentralized products and services.
Drove product strategy for tools aimed to facilitate fundraising and equity issuance for venture-focused projects, resulting in $300MM+ worth of digital assets issued
Created the process for sourcing, hiring, and training tech workers to build blockchain and decentralized project, resulting in a portfolio of products with a valuation of $140MM in 2018
Executed on Product Strategy while managing an 11 member team w/ 35+ collaborators across BTC Inc.

Software Developer

| Remote | 2016-2017
Venture backed startup providing predictive analytics (SaaS) for Real Estate.
Maintained a web scraper written in Ruby using Nokogiri to crawl real estate websites gathering public data on realtors and saving it to a PostgresDB. Resulted in building extensive profiles on 500k realtors with data gathered from 15+ sources
Wrote an algorithm that used Redis workers to run over the database scoring realtors into leads, and updating them as more data is gathered. Leveraging 53 data-points, lead scoring brought the sales teams closing rate up over 500% while reducing time spent sourcing - resulting in 8x growth.
Worked cross-functionally with Growth and Engineering, while creating and owning the product roadmap. Contributed to rapid growth, increasing revenue by 12x and team size by 3x in a year

Onboarding Account Manager

| Austin, TX | 2014-2016
Y Combinator SaaS startup providing marketing services to SMBs through digital tools and advertising automation for publications.
Managed significant customer growth of 1000+ publications worth $1.5M+ ARR contributing to hyper-growth of company from 400 to 2000+ publications, 15 to 50+ employees, and 10x revenue
Created a scalable onboarding process by building internal products in Ruby to automate the process - enabling a team member to go from handling 10-15 to 100-200 onboardings at a time
Managed the creation of the reports product - a cross-functional effort with Product & Dev teams to provide reports to SMB’s at scale, ultimately shipping 100k+ monthly reports to SMB’s

Account Supervisor

Zenuity Web Design and Development | Scottsdale, AZ
Private owned startup providing web and marketing solutions to SMB’s

Assistant Media Planner

Colling Media | Scottsdale, AZ
Agency that acquired and placed both traditional and digital media for SMB’s


Back-End Engineering Program

The Iron Yard | Austin, TX | 2016
12-week immersive learning program. Learned Ruby on Rails framework for developing web applications.

BA Mass Comm - Advertising

Texas State University | San Marcos, TX | 2004-2009
Participated in several non profits. Member of Phi Kappa Psi Fraternity, holding multiple leadership positions.

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