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development workflow

👩‍💻 workflow

How should a developer get started?
What tasks does the developer need to do?
The section in this page offer a guide to organising the activities a developer takes on.
How to use the project documentation.
How to create and develop the code which meets the project requirements.

📄 documentation

A successful developer knows what documentation to expect when coding a project.
The developer has the skills for accurately reading and completing the documentation.


A project begins with the documentation.
This includes: descriptions, plans and lists that explain what the client is expecting from the project.
Problem description
Design: main steps and refinements, data flow
Source data
Test Data and test tables

How should you use the documentation to take the project forward?
A project is developed by completing some key tasks
Implementation (and debugging),

A developer will often take on some parts with other stages completed by other developers.
The documentation supports development activities at all stages.


The developer needs as overall understanding of what the purpose of the project is.
The problem description gives an introduction. It will usually detail the client or organisation and specific requirements.

Problem description (example)

Once a year a walking club asks all its members to submit the total number of miles they have walked. The club collates this information in a text file.
A section of the .txt file, which includes the names of members and the total miles they walked, is shown below.
The information in the file is then used to select prize winners.
Prizes will be awarded for:
the furthest distance walked
any members who have walked more than 70% of the furthest distance

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