write text files

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open, write and close a CSV file

developer task

study the project notes on this page to understand how to write values to a CSV file
fork the project and test the code with some text values
create a new project to implement a solution to the exercise at the foot of this page
you should have read the general notes about writing a file

program requirement: write a CSV file (example)

allow a user to enter a set of country names and the capital cities of the countries
save the pairs of country and capital values to a CSV file

CSV file output

the results file should contain a values like this
stored in CSV format with newline character after each line except for the last line
each line is a pair of text values separated by a comma, (there are no spaces)
each line has the same number of values
a CSV file is a standard way of storing a table of values, eg a spreadsheet or database
sometimes the first line will be used as a column heading

java constructs for CSV output

open file (for writing)
write a line with multiple values separated by commas to the CSV file (in a loop for multiple lines)
fileWriter.print(country[i] + "," + capital[i]);
close the file

program code


exercise: Christmas list

program requirement: write a Christmas list of names and presents to a new CSV file
create a new repl project
allow a user to enter a set of names and a Christmas present for the person
save the pairs of names and presents to a file

the results file should end up like this
my cousin,a better sense of humourmy dog,robot dog walkermy neighbour,a new house somewhere else

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