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Tutor initial call

agenda for initial call with tutors
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what’s this page for?

describe and support the objectives of the call
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Thanks for getting involved.

background and context

STACS: SG funding to enable “by (all) CS teachers for (all) CS teachers”
UoG: legal home base
SG proposal, up-skilling model and rationale
considering journey toward full up-skilling in next session
up-skilling arc: level and topic specific (n5, H, AH) x (SDD, WDD, DDD)

Focus of pilot up-skilling: Why SDD OOP

SQA course reports
Recent topic
Involves multiple key concepts from n5 and H

Next Steps

Tutor call next week
Target week and day for webinar
Consider: What challenges are presented by OOP topic for teachers?
What tutorial and follow-on activities would help teachers address the challenges
Consider the time constraints on teachers and tutors
Explore and contribute to this site/doc!

Pilot teacher webinar event

help teachers consider UML OOP structure and OOP notional machine and reflect on how confident they are in the various concepts
including SQARL and Python / Java / VB
awareness of differences and a perspective on implications for student learning
engage teachers in collaborative production of materials to support enhanced OOP understanding by teacher and learners

Tutor Team

Tutor contract

Project hours
capture baseline data (self-assessed questionnaire), use to support evaluation post-course
planning and delivery
rubric to describe outcomes for teachers and indicate progress through course
Preparation of presentation materials and support materials
Tutor support post webinar
Delivery format options
time slots
tutor roles
topic coverage
activity type
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