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Syllabus Doc

Welcome to this Syllabus generator!

The goal of this doc is to help streamline and consolidate the information about the various courses you’re teaching into a single, equally aesthetic and functional site for all of your students to access.
Copy this Syllabus Doc


Hit the Copy button above the Instructions, and make a Coda account (barely takes a minute!).
Go to the , and click Clear Data button
Create a new course with the Add a Course button
Fill out the with your course information (be sure to select the correct course, and then hit submit.
Scroll down to , , , . Input more specific information here— dates of lectures, exams, grade breakdowns, TA information etc.
You should now be able to toggle to that class on your Syllabus page!
NOTE: When publishing or sharing make sure to not allow people to edit the doc.

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