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Linktank Content Scraping & Curation Projects

Project Scope, Requirements, and Goals


Leverage Linktank’s brand to deliver global insight and perspective for professionals and enthusiasts of policy and advocacy.
Through automation and machine learning, we aim to create a platform that is not only data-rich but also insightful. Here's a detailed breakdown of our projects and goals.


Authoritative Newsletter:
Objective: Craft the most authoritative and readable weekly newsletter on policy and advocacy trends and insights.
Strategy: By collating data from diverse sources, we aim to extract nuanced insights, spot emergent trends, and deliver value to our readers every week.
Comprehensive Policy Resource:
Objective: Establish the most comprehensive resource for tracking policy expertise—spanning events, research, and ideas.
Strategy: Through systematic scraping and curation, we'll offer users an unparalleled repository of policy knowledge, events, and research.
Brand Awareness and Monetization:
Objective: Amplify brand awareness through our newsletter and cultivate a conversion funnel leading to paid subscriptions.
Strategy: Quality content will drive readership and brand trust, creating a fertile ground for monetization through paid subscriptions and potential premium features.


Newsletter research and scraped content will be sourced from the .

Key Considerations

Automation: Prioritize systematic processes to ensure efficient and regular data collection and curation.
Reporting Mechanisms: Implement a robust reporting system for tracking data, offering insights, and quickly identifying and resolving issues.
Scalability: Design our core engine to be future-proof, allowing us to manage increased loads seamlessly as we grow.


A. Intelligently Curated Content for Newsletter

Curate content from a large and growing corpus of public resources including social media accounts
The tool should detect emerging patterns and trends from the extensive content data, presenting actionable and timely insights.
Think tank and policy websites
Advocacy groups research
News sources and respected blogs
Social media accounts

B. Event Scraping 300+ Websites

Begin with an initial batch of 300 websites.
Plan to expand scraping to a cumulative total of 24,000 websites in subsequent phases.
Data to be Scraped:
Event Information:
Event URL
Registration URL
Date and Time
Location (physical and/or virtual)
Title of the event
Speaker bio(s)
Speaker URL(s)
Tags categorizing the event
Identification if the event is virtual or in-person

C. Expert Profile Scraping

Extract expert profiles from designated websites or platforms.
Data to be Scraped:
Personal or professional URL
Brief biography
List of publications (if available)
Affiliations (organizations, institutions, etc.)

D. Research Content Scraping

Extract articles, whitepapers, video transcripts, and other pertinent research content.
Data to be Scraped:
Publication date
Title of the content
Tags or categories
Social media accounts
Full body/content of the article or paper

E. Project: Global Policy & Advocacy Chatbot

Construct a chatbot using a LLM including a global array of policy and advocacy sources.
The chatbot should be adept at offering insights derived from the scraped content, functioning as a dynamic knowledge repository.
Our endeavor hinges on a collaboration that understands our goals, offers innovative solutions, and anticipates challenges. Your expertise in crafting streamlined solutions will be crucial to the successful realization of our vision.
Thank you for your time and consideration.
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