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Boon is the world’s leading AI-powered referral hiring platform that empowers employers to access diverse, top-tier passive talent through the world’s most streamlined and engaging system.
With flexible and robust reward management, Boon optimizes referral hiring and sources the highest quality candidates from your employees, social networks, and our referral marketplace.
Access to Superior Talent: Connecting with a diverse pool of top-tier passive talent that can’t be reached on job boards.
Faster Hiring: Accelerating the hiring process by tapping into a pre-vetted network of high-quality candidates.
Increased Retention: Benefiting from higher retention rates as referred candidates often have a better cultural fit and job satisfaction.
Enhanced Performance: Building a team of high-performing staff through targeted referrals.
Cost Efficiency: Reducing the cost per hire by optimizing the referral process and minimizing reliance on expensive recruitment methods.
Improved Internal Mobility: Enhancing career development and increasing retention


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Boon's unique features elevate the your customers’ experience by streamlining the hiring process and unlocking the full potential of their ATS. With Boon, your customers will enjoy:
Rapid Onboarding and ROI // Boon's pre-optimized setup lets you launch faster than any other solution and start generating ROI from referrals almost immediately.
Supremely Accessible and Streamlined Referral Process // Our proprietary, streamlined referral process allows users to send referrals without the need to download, log in, or sign up.
Cutting-Edge Diversity and Inclusion // Industry-leading AI-generated referral recommendations enable users to leverage their full network easily and refer a more diverse range of candidates.
Unparalleled Engagement and Performance // Boon employs a wide array of motivational strategies that drive exceptionally authentic and consistent engagement, uniquely resonating with today's dynamic, younger workforce.
Broader Reach and Greater Value // Three sources of referrals in one solution — internal staff, public/social networks, and Boon's exclusive referral community.
Strengthen transparency and internal communication // Automated communication and transparency
Supreme Efficiency and Reliability // Best-in-class reward automation and powerful payment management systems streamline operations, enhance credibility, and boost efficiency.
Unmatched Integrations and Flexibility // Extensive integration library with over 50 solutions, seamlessly connecting finance, communications, security, and SSO systems.

Product Use Cases

Internal/Employee Referral Hiring: Supercharged employee referral network.
Access top-tier passive talent with AI recommendations, automated notifications, gamification, and seamless tracking.
Achieve increased adoption, six times more referrals, twice as fast hires, four times greater retention, higher performance, and reduced .
External Referral Hiring: Broaden talent sourcing beyond employee network.
Extend referrals to external networks and Boon’s freelance community, managed all from within your existing ATS.
Tap into a more diverse talent pool, streamline referral management, and scale your recruitment efforts.
Streamline Reward Automation and Management
Automate eligibility monitoring, payment scheduling, and reward issuing, integrating with payroll systems. Offers flexible reward options.
Experience effortless reward management, increased engagement, and reduced administrative workload.
Enhance Communication and Transparency
Tracks referrals, provides updates, monitors reward payments.
Improve communication, satisfaction, retention, efficiency, and achieve higher ROI.
Internal Mobility
Notify staff about new openings, recommend employees, and facilitate career development.
Enhance development, increase retention, and create a dynamic internal job market.
Customer & Partner Referrals: Increase sales pipeline and revenue.
Enable customer and partner referrals through an intuitive interface.
Generate more qualified leads, shorten sales cycles, increase revenue, strengthen partnerships, and expand market share.

About Us

At Boon, our mission is to create seamless, authentic and engaging referral hiring experiences that connect employers with diverse, top-tier talent. We strive to make it simple, accessible, and rewarding for people to have a meaningful impact through referrals.
We believe that fostering meaningful connections and democratizing talent sourcing can transform the hiring process to be more inclusive and diverse. We achieve this through cutting-edge technology, psychology, and gamification to provide scalable and rewarding programs.
Our commitment is to empower everyone in the hiring process and help employers stay competitive in the war for talent.


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