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AI-generated project development for Nonprofits!

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About this Template

Welcome to the secret space for making better projects and programs for nonprofits! Generate your new project or program proposal in minutes.


How to Get Started

You’ll need an account and an API key. You can sign up
Add the OpenAI Pack to your Coda Doc.
Accessing OpenAI features: - Once you have added the OpenAI Pack to your Coda document, you can start using its features.

Note: Make sure to follow OpenAI's terms of service and usage guidelines while using their services within Coda. For detailed information and further assistance, refer to OpenAI's documentation or reach out to their support team.
Feel free to customize and expand upon these instructions to suit your specific Coda document and requirements.


This AI-backed M&E template will generate a project and program in minutes:

- Theory of change,
- Results Framework,
- Indicators
- Evaluation questions,
-Project Proposal Narrative (1-click)


Who is this for?

This comprehensive document template is designed to cater to a wide range of individuals, including prompt business proposal developers, monitoring and evaluation (M&E) professionals, M&E system developers, and AI enthusiasts.
Whether you're embarking on a new project or program, this template will assist you in crafting a well-structured outline of your log frame.
Additionally, it offers a unique opportunity for AI enthusiasts to refine their LLM AI prompts, ensuring the development of the most effective and efficient project, program and logframe version possible.


How to use this document?

Copying this doc
Connect an OpenAI account if you’ve not done so, already.
Add your prompts on the page in first column of the table.
Click Write a TOC and review the results!
After you have populated all the tables, your final step is to click Create and generate your Project Proposal Summary and Project Title Ideas in seconds.
That's not all! One click generates your Full Project Proposal Narrative. Simply refresh the table.

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