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Before you start!

You’ll need an account and an API key. You can sign up
Add the OpenAI Pack to your Coda Doc.
Accessing OpenAI features: - Once you have added the OpenAI Pack to your Coda document, you can start using its features.

Note: Make sure to follow OpenAI's terms of service and usage guidelines while using their services within Coda. For detailed information and further assistance, refer to OpenAI's documentation or reach out to their support team.
Feel free to customize and expand upon these instructions to suit your specific Coda document and requirements.


How to use this Coda doc?

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Copying this doc
Connect an OpenAI account if you’ve not done so, already.
In the choose the tone of voice, use case, innovation level and number of versions.
In insert the description of what the content should be about.
Finally, in click on

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