Bodyswaps Sign-in Support

Access to our app requires an access code. The app itself is free to download from one of these .
The code identifies who you are and customises the Bodyswaps experience for you.

To assist you better, which statement most closely describes your situation?
I don’t have a code and...
I’m interested in potentially purchasing a Bodyswaps site licence
Please contact our sales team, by following this
and they will arrange a trial code for you.
Alternatively you can try our short demo content by clicking on the Run In Demo button in the app.
I’m a learner, I want to access my training content
Check your email box for an email from which has instructions on how to generate a code. Your trainer / administrator should have initiated this or it will have been automatically sent after filling in one of our self-enrolment forms.
Sometimes these mails can end up in your spam folder, so please check in there first before contacting them.
If you are still having problem please
I’m a trainer, I want to prepare a device for a session
There are a number of options here to suit your needs - they all involve using our administration portal . You’ll need a email/password to log-in - if you don’t have one please team.
There are instructions on how to configure devices in our administrators .
I have a code, but its not working...
It said the code was not accepted
Our codes are only valid for a limited period of time for security reasons. You will require a new one.
It said I exceed the usage limits on my account
Please team, your account may have used up its quota of sessions.
It said my request could not be fulfilled
This is most likely because the app could not contact our server. This may be because you don’t have internet access or behind a firewall. Please check your device is on the internet and has a public connection.
Please try again, if the issue persists .
I entered a code which was accepted but then its asking for one again
Most likely you entered a code for an anonymous user, but your account is set-up to only accept enrolled users. Please to resolve this.
I would like more assistance
Please click on the following link to raise a support request:

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