Software to start with
CollectionsMax is a debt collection specific
and inventory management software created by the Decca Software Company.
CollectionsMax is currently on Version 4.
CollectionsMax is broken into a few different modules:
CollectionsMax Professional - $179.95 per seat (Lifetime License Key) (Required)
This is the interface that the debt collectors will use
CollectionsMax Administrator - Free (Required)
This is where you (as the agency owner) will conduct the majority of your day to day tasks
CollectionsMax Scheduler - Free (Optional)
This is used for automating tasks. Many agencies never use this.
CollectionsMax Update Utility - ~$450.00 (NOT REQUIRED)
This is for advanced users who are unable to write SQL queries. If you are reading this document, you will not need this part. You will be provided with all of the tools you need to completely replace this portion of the software as an added benefit of working with an automation agent.

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