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Using BitGym

Our patented technology uses the front facing camera built into your phone or tablet to determine your exercise cadence. If you are having problems using it, please consult the following guide.

1. Ensure correct device placement on the machine or nearby shelf.

2. Make sure the camera can see you.

3. Be aware of these special problems.

4. Too much device sway

This last one is rare but can happen, especially on bikes with lots of flex in the frame as you pedal. If you see your device swaying side to side as you pedal and it's having trouble tracking you, it might be that the regular swaying motion is confusing the tracking algorithm. In this case, tightening up the bolts in your machine can help, or placing the smart device on a wall/shelf/floor stand so it's not touching the bike will solve it. We're working on resolving this tracking issue in an upcoming release.

Switch the app into "set speed" mode

If none of the above tips give you a stable workout experience, you can switch to Set speed mode.
First, select and start a tour.
Once it starts, you can tap the screen anywhere which will slide up a "tours settings" menu.
Right below the half-circle speed indicator, there is a button which reads, "switch to manual" which will disable the visual cadence tracking and turn on a manual mode.
You can also adjust the speed of playback by swiping left and right on the half-circle.

Custom Phone / Tablet Mounts

If you don’t have a built in magazine rack on your cardio machine, or if you don’t like the placement, there are alternative solutions. A search for “” or “” on a retailer such as Amazon is likely to yield good results. We no longer link to specific ones due to availability shifting so quickly. You will likely see low cost “spider” style flexible mounts, and we’ve had good luck with these. You may also consider a wall mounting solution if your machine is facing a suitable wall.

Submit a tracking report

If after following all of the above steps, BitGym tracking is still failing to detect your exercise consistently or accurately, please .
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