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There is only one external dependency of the Sparkify Pack; . This is a chart-building service based on and provides a huge number of charting possibilities. Sparkify presently leans on two of these.
Doughnut Chart
Bar Chart
These primitives are provided through QuickChart’s free “Community” tier which is ideal for most use cases with Coda. If you need to generate many thousands of sparklines at a relatively fast pace, you may need a license that provides no rate limits and other scale-related features.
Coda Packs automatically cache results and avoid repeatedly running packs when nothing has ostensibly changed. Because of this, once a sparkline has been rendered, it will be re-rendered when — and only when — a data value affecting the sparkline has actually changed. This architecture tends to suggest that this Pack will tread very lightly on dependent services like QuickCharts.


Any Packs with dependencies must consider the future and plan for possible disruption. While QuickCharts is the most efficient and performant design for building sparklines, it is not the only platform capable of providing the minimalist requirements needed for these visualization objectives. Alternatively, Sparkify could be completely independent by generating SVG native files. This Pack could also important and use directly which is the underlying framework that QuickCharts itself leans on and is fully open-source.
Sparkify will be around for a long time.

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