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Promptology [AI at Work Challenge]

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Judging Categories

AI for Personal Productivity

One of the challenges with AI is creating prompts that work well and deliver benefits repeatedly and quickly. Having a single prompt warehouse where I can locate a prompt rapidly that I thought had been previously created is a huge personal benefit. The automated prompt-type classifier in Promptology can identify prompts designed for personal use.

AI for Research & Analysis

My company performs dozens of R&D assessments to understand new software, manufacturing, and transportation technologies. Promptology has streamlined this work, and while no AI is perfect, the consistency achieved continues to create compelling and helpful analyses that we can quickly expand on using inline Coda AI features. This demonstrates how we accelerate work and save about a half hour every time we restore this prompt, augment it slightly, and run it.

AI for Product Development

Often we need to create software code that may be new to the team. Promptology provides us with a success pattern to manage a growing collection of software engineering templates that can be called upon without any setup or re-crafting the prompts. The repeatable nature of Promptology lures developers to be lazy and benefit from a process where much of the tedious effort is eliminated.

AI for Marketing & Selling

We also use Promptology as the driver of our social media monitoring solution (also built in Coda). It was designed with prompts pulled from Promptology through Coda’s Cross-Doc Pack. Previously, we used the MeltWater platform ($4500/yr), which has now been replaced with Coda IA features fed to it by Promptology.

AI for Business Operations

Almost every aspect of doing business will eventually be touched by AI. This means prompting skills will need to expand greatly, and Promptology plus Coda AI is precisely the tool that can impact everyday work in a positive way. At Stream It, we use Promptology to build AI features for sales auditing, CRM inbound contacts and outreach, as well as testing protocols for our highway analytics systems.

Judging Criteria

Potential Impact

How big an impact would this template make on your daily work? Would you use this template regularly? Would you recommend this template to a friend?
At Stream It, we capture productivity analytics about almost everything we do. Prompt development and AI integration are no different. This chart shows how we’ve matured as AI users. It includes compressed time and output metrics aggregations to show us how we’ve improved work with Coda AI. ​
CleanShot 2023-07-06 at 15.51.20@2x.png


​​How well does the template align with the theme of saving time and allowing you to do more at work? Does it offer a unique and creative solution to enhancing work productivity?
Promptology’s prime directive from its inception was to embrace the challenges of transitioning to artificial general intelligence (AGI). At no time in recent computing history has a single skill (i.e., prompt development) gated our future productivity so profoundly. The ability to face the many challenges of AI prompt development and use repeatable and structured methodologies to become proficient AI workers as productively as possible.
Every aspect of Coda has been employed to capture productivity metrics and nudge users to build prompts that create productive outcomes. Our workers know immediately how a prompt output performs and the approximate time savings they can expect when using it. Furthermore, reuse through restore and copy provide opportunities to repurpose existing prompt IP and share them with other workers. ​
CleanShot 2023-07-06 at 16.06.24@2x.png
CleanShot 2023-07-06 at 16.08.45@2x.png
Sometimes higher productivity is achieved through simple visual queues, and Coda is ready to capitalize by making rich text serve as text prompts. Using Coda’s formula language to homogenize formatted prompt text, we can highlight certain parts of the prompt to show users important parts and parameters unique for each use case. In this example, users know that the bold pink texts are unique to this particular business analysis. ​
CleanShot 2023-07-09 at 15.04.11@2x.png

Template Design

How polished is the template’s design? How pleasant is the user experience? How easy is it for a new Coda user to get started with this template?
A great deal of thought and lengthy redesign sessions occurred over many months as we discovered the relative simplicity of the . We can’t speak for template users, but our own team has been drawn to this tool repeatedly, and we believe it has a lot to do with the relative simplicity of the workflow.

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Caliber of Demonstration

How effectively do you demonstrate the problem you are trying to solve? How well do you demonstrate how the solution addresses the problem? Bonus points if you can demonstrate how this has already impacted you or your team.
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Impact on me and my company
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