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InFlight Writer

A tool for anyone who wants to escape to do deep work.

About This Tool

If I need to escape from my usual and customary work environment, I pretend I’m on a jet in first class (of course) bound for Asia.
InFlight Writer
is especially useful as a canvas for composing text.
Why it works - your mind is tricked into thinking there’s nothing else you can be distracted with - you are trapped in a tube over the ocean, so you might as well focus.
To use this tool...
Start the video on . Adjust your volume down a bit.
Come back here and write. You can write anywhere in this document, or any other document; the soothing sounds aloft will keep playing. Coda’s editor is ideal though and especially on this page page because there are no distractions here.
For maximum productivity, delete everything on this page; shape it to be the ideal place to focus.
I often share thoughts and solutions about
in my Impertinent Substack. to get three months premium access for free.

Forward (example text authoring in flight)

Coda AI can be used to help us understand people through the words they use. One aspect of this is understanding customers through conversations such as those that occur in Discourse communities. I spend a lot of time in communities trying to help people and learning from experts.
This template exemplifies the power of Coda AI and almost every facet of a Coda solution. It uses a Pack to read and parse a Discourse conversation. It identifies influential participants and the key topic focus and even attempts to see what the participants may have overlooked. It collects data about the conversation and uses it to make inferences.
This is a tool that helps me understand people based on their interactions. Conversations contain valuable information, and this approach saves me a lot of time when I discover a topic that interests me. It gets me up to speed on the conversation by summarizing, organizing various perspectives, and visually displaying analytics.
This tool can be shaped for use with any conversational content. This example is for one Discourse community. I use it with seven Discourse communities and two other conversational data sources, including a customer survey system.

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