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Stranberg Non-Family Community

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The Stranberg Non Family Executive Community

Stranberg Resource Group is proud to continue our support of family businesses by providing qualified Non-Family Executives with complimentary access to our confidential NFE community and events.
Our vision is to provide a high quality and confidential venue for NFEs to grow and learn from one another.
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Event Schedule for 2023:

Non-Family Executive Meetings will be held on the Fourth Tuesday of Every Month at 12:00pm and 4:00pm Central.
Odd months: will feature Cross Functional discussion on topics that are universal to family enterprise.
Even months: will feature Functional Groups with topics centered on issues unique to each discipline.

Case Studies

The focus of our events is dialogue around real-life scenarios that our members are facing.
Cases studies are member submitted, and can be redacted to remove sensitive or identifying information.

Event Moderation

On a rotating basis, we will ask participating members to moderate events to ensure that the dialogue stays centered on topic, is professional, and aligns with our values.

Small Groups

To foster meaningful conversation, each event will use break out groups with a target of six people per group.
Members from the same company will automatically be placed in separate groups unless otherwise requested.


Our community is a trusted network of non-family executives.
Where and when appropriate, we will facilitate one on one introductions.
All members are encouraged to reach out and build relationships with their peers.


Members must be actively employed by a business owning family in a senior leadership position that works with, or reports to, a family principal.
Members will not use the Stranberg NFE Community as a recruitment tool, nor as a venue to find new employment.
Members must commit to our confidentiality policy.
Members agree to moderate or guide the dialogue of one event per year.
Members commit to attending as many events as possible.

If you have any questions, please reach out to Bill at:
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