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Family Business COO
Family Business COO

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Core Responsibilities

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I. Operations Management
Oversee the purchase, import and distribution of 2,500 containers of non-woven textiles per year.
Leverage market data to set prices that maximize profits while maintaining customer relationships.
Manage customer relationships, and work with sales staff and agents to maintain and grow customer base.
Monitor sales volume and margins: utilize knowledge of the market, performance metrics and overall company-related data to continuously refine and improve sales strategies.
Maintain accurate information on market trends and customer behavior to set the most beneficial pricing strategies.
Manage relationships with non-woven textile suppliers, including:
-Identification and evaluation of global suppliers that meet quality requirements
Identifying appropriate mix of suppliers to maximize volume pricing while guaranteeing supply
Lead data-driven negotiations with suppliers to ensure best pricing and service
Implementation and management of service agreements
Regular collaboration with agents located in China
Manage annual negotiations with ocean freight carriers in a manner that maximizes service and cost while minimizing risks. Stay aware of forces impacting the supply and demand of ocean freight to inform negotiations.
Manage ocean freight and import activity including customs clearance and any/all issues related to tariffs, anti-dumping cases, and investigations.
Manage warehousing and allocation of inventory to ensure that product is optimized to meet the needs of customers.
Oversee delivery of product, manage trucking/ logistics relationships, review and track land freight costs.
Oversee operational budgets including AP/AR, payroll and annual audit.
Manage banking and negotiate insurance relationships.
II. General Management & Leadership
Develop understanding of domestic footprint and ensure efficient management of warehousing space and inbound / outbound distribution of products.
Prioritize company website and computer software development.
Provide hands-on leadership and engages directly with team, showing sincere interest and respect; cultivate enterprising team members and provide them with opportunities to grow and develop
Establish and maintain strong, constructive relationships with ownership, functional leaders, key management team members, staff, customers and suppliers.
Continuously monitor and identify opportunities to manage costs, enhance operational efficiency, and maximize value, service, and quality. Recommend and implement new tools and processes to manage and improve performance.
Ensure effective management of international suppliers and logistics providers, ensuring contractual obligations are met and that all activity is in accordance with applicable laws and regulations, as well as company's policies and procedures.

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