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Which Marvel movies you need to watch in order to be caught up

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Which Marvel movies you need to watch in order to be caught up

'Cause sometimes there's not enough time to watch all of them
On the opening night of Avengers: Endgame, I was dragged to watch it with friends without having watched a single Avengers movie beforehand. Needless to say, when ***** died at the end and everyone in the theaters cried, I simply watched, obliviously unmoved. Since then, with the help of my boyfriend, I’ve caught up on all the MCU movies, series, and even all the breakdowns. It wasn’t easy—with the amount of content to quickly consume, it felt less like entertainment and more like a self-inflicted challenge.
If you’re in the same boat as I was (whether you’re just not caught up or you haven’t watched them at all), you’re in luck...because I’ve decided to make an interactive guide to determine which ones are relevant to what you want to watch! Sure, you could watch all the movies from the beginning like I did. But if you’re short on time, 35 (and counting) Marvel movies and series may be difficult to squeeze into your schedule.

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Start by marking which movies and series you’ve already watched on . Then, come back to this page and select in the drop-down menu below which movie you want to catch up to, and see which movies and series you need to watch before it!
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Happy movie-marathoning!

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