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Learning about Art – Flashcard Game

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Learning about Art

An attempt to expand my art repertoire

Why I made this

I was never the type for art museums.

I didn’t see the point of walking through silent rooms and staring at paintings and sculptures that I could just search online.

But recently, I’ve become fascinated with art and art history.

In the past three months, I’ve visited SF MoMa, the Art Institute in Chicago, the Guggenheim, NY MoMA, and the Whitney Museum –– maybe it’s just the frequency at which I visit art museums now, but I’m inspired to learn more about the art that resonated with me at these museums and explore more of the art world.
After watching more movies and documentaries with artists, I’m not particularly fascinated with the art per se, but more so the artists and the experiences and movements that inspired their art. I never took art history classes in school (maybe I’ll take one next semester or something), but this is my attempt to take my art interest into my own hands.

How to use this template

If you happen to like art and want to bolster your art recognition too, you don’t even need to change anything with this doc.
But this flashcard game / studying database template can also be used for studying literally anything –– vocabulary, historic events, all eight generations of Pokémon...
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