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[Template] How to run language classes online


This is a template you can use to run language classes online. It works best when used one-on-one with each student and is used alongside a video chat app like zoom for real time interaction.

Using this template, you can:

: Create a running list of course materials and topics

: Run structured classes in real time - with a collaborative canvas for your student and you to interact together on

: Create a glossary for your students to improve their vocabulary - and use this glossary to play a vocabulary flashcards game with your students

: Note down common points of confusion that your students stumble upon. You can both then refer to these to plan out future classes and coursework.

: You and your student can both view stats and performance over time - such as the
, or

To get started,
copy this doc
and then follow the steps in the page below to customize this template as per your needs:

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