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The Digital Agency Operating System

An agency-in-a-box to manage your business
This doc is a work-in-progress project to create an agency-in-a-box to build out your business online, in collaboration with Coda for the Coda Maker Fund.

What is WunderAgency

WunderAgency is your business’s all-in-one customized template, created by digital marketing agency, . We created this template for you to organize your company’s information and documentation, without the added expense of using multiple applications or software.

With this template, you can get a high-level view of your business, and forecast cash flow, profitability, and sales. Thus, you’ll benefit from this simple, shareable, cost-efficient tool, with everything demonstrated in the same place.

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Who is this for?

If you’re a freelancer, running a small business or boutique agency, WunderAgency has you covered. This Coda template gives you easy access to look out for the core elements that make up your business.

WunderAgency Modules

This template is divided into the following five Modules:
WunderAgency Setup Steps
Setup Step
What to expect
How long will it take
Provide and set up some basic business information, including company name, physical locations, and relevant websites.
5 mins
Establish your business’ departments and teams, enter staff information and their emergency contacts’ details.
10 mins
Enter your business’ financial information including currency, tax and sales tax setup.
5 mins
Set up your CRM’s client information including company details, their industries, and key contacts.
25 mins
Set up your expenses, and organize them based on categories and payment structures.
10 mins
Set up your CRM’s opportunity and/or deals pipeline.
20 mins
Establish and set up your sales goals to measure and monitor your progress and performance throughout the year.
3 mins
There are no rows in this table

Manage important company information for quick access to our Company Departments, Team Directory, Services, and Products .


Manage your business relationships and keep track of your clients Contacts, Companies, and Opportunities in the CRM module.

Manage your overall sales efforts and pipelines in the Sales module.

Keep track of your team with basic information, emergency contacts, and assets in your HR, Staff and Asset Management.

Track a high-level overview of your business Finances, including Accounts Receivables (AR), Accounts Payable (AP), and Expenses.


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