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JS Fundamentals: Objects, Arrays, and Functions

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Welcome to the course hub for JavaScript Fundamentals: Objects, Arrays, and Functions

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This doc contains the course notes, examples, and exercises for JavaScript Fundamentals: Objects, Arrays, and Functions. You can use these notes independently or watch the
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A note on values

As an extension of the work that I do in the
I wanted to share our values:

Continual learning and growth
- Challenge yourself to grow. Recognizing that learning means putting in the work, sometimes making mistakes, but always coming out stronger on the other side.

Enjoy the process
- While we work hard to accomplish our goals, we try to have fun at the same time.

A holistic approach to success
- Growing as a person goes hand-in-hand with progressing in your career. Beyond your technical skills, work on reflection, mindset, and your overall well-being.

Community and camaraderie
- Build meaningful relationships. We’re in it together and genuinely there to support one another in our successes (and failures).

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