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This Coda doc can be used to keep track of your orders for buying groups such as . Here’s what you get that you can’t with a boring spreadsheet:
A polished “app” with color coding, analytics, and order management
Built-in tracking for UPS, FedEx, and USPS packages (daily or hourly automatic refresh on paid versions of Coda)
Analytics for total spend across merchants, payment methods, and buying groups
Per-order profit analysis including credit card per-category cashback rates, cashback portals, and merchant rewards (Mt. CB)
For BFMR: integration with BFMR’s API to show the latest deals and shipment status

This is awesome! How do I get started?

First, make a copy of this doc. You’ll notice there are a few sections, the main one being . When you have a new order to add, hit the “Add order” button (or hit “Duplicate” on the far right on an existing order). You can then fill in the following fields:
Quantity and item name
Merchant and order number
Payout and cost
And adjustment to the cost (i.e., if you paid with a gift card instead of the payment method)
Category and card used
Pending orders will have a yellow background.
Once the order ships, paste in the tracking number into the respective carrier (UPS/FedEx/USPS/Amazon) and the row will turn blue. If you get multiple shipments, you’ll want to use “Duplicate” to create multiple rows and split up the amount/quantity accordingly.
Then, once you get paid, hit the “Paid” checkbox to mark the order as paid, which will turn the row white.

BFMR integration

If you use BFMR, you can connect your account to pull in tracking info using their API thanks to the . To do this, on a computer in this doc go into Insert → Packs → BuyForMeRetail → Settings and add a shared account. To get the API key and secret, hit your name and go into Developer tools.

Updating and customizing this doc

If you want to change anything about this doc, once you’ve copied it it’s all yours to modify. If you haven’t used Coda much, the best place to start is .


There’s some sample data in the doc for demo purposes. Feel free to hit this button to clear it and then delete this page.
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