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#include Website Revamp

Created for #include at Davis. Make a copy to use for your own team's web projects!

About #include

#include at Davis is a student-run creative agency at the University of California, Davis with the mission to provide opportunities and resources to help students pave their professional and creative path. Every quarter, we form cohort teams of designers, developers, and marketers to build web products for our partnering clients. We aim to provide our cohorts real world experiences. Our clients include UC Davis organizations, local non-profits, small businesses, and much more.
Our goal is to be a hub for students that are interested in learning something new, and we want to establish a strong online presence. One of our major projects this year is a website revamp, and this doc’s goal is to streamline our team’s workflow and consolidate everything we might need in one place.

Pain Points ⚠️

Too many data and note taking platforms lead to clutter and high expenses
The same data is difficult to visualize in different ways for different use cases
Document templates are lost in folders and have to be copy and pasted
Manipulation of data is cumbersome using Excel or Google Sheets

Solution Using Coda ☻

Data can be linked between pages. Other tools can be integrated into this doc using Coda packs such as Figma and Slack.

Coda tables have many different views such as timeline, board, and calendar to fit different needs.

Coda templates allow for easy insertion wherever needed. Examples include the and

All Coda tables talk to each other through views or lookups. With lookups, you connect columns across multiple tables via a lookup column or lookup formula.

What does this doc do?

Track all initiatives pertaining to the #include website revamp in and
Store information about points of contact in the entire organization in
Visualizes the
Summarizes the entire project in
Provides templates for brainstorming and meeting notes in

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