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The secret to productivity is predictability: Why you should hold team office hours

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Your Office Hours

General Info

💡 Setup Tip
This area is great for a general run-down of your office hours rules and expectations. If you are using a Google Calendar for your scheduled time slots, you can add that link in the placeholder below so others can add the calendar to their Google view too.
🗓️ Office hours are Tuesday → Friday from 9:00am to 10:00am Pacific Time.
📓 You are welcome to drop in anytime.
➕ If you would like to make sure your topic is addressed, please add it below. Sessions are split into 2 halves of 30 minutes each so you can better estimate when your topic will be discussed.

Add the office hours calendar to Google
Visit the
calendar link
, and click the ➕ button at the bottom right.
Upcoming Sessions (expand to see calendar)
💡 Setup Tip
People looking to schedule office hours with you can simply add a topic with the button below and choosing a session. And don’t forget to edit the Zoom button to include your Zoom meeting link.
Add a Topic
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💡 Setup Tip
After you check off topics as completed, the button below will become enabled and you can “Complete Session”. This will add the date and a bulleted list of questions to the Completed Sessions table below. From there you can add the Zoom recording link and a summary of the session.
Complete Session
💡 Setup Tip
The button below adds a search row for you and is a per-user search, so only you see what you search for and only you see the results. This means many people can search the table at the same time without changing the view for others.

Completed Sessions
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