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Pay Tracker for Hourly Rates, Raises, and Reports

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How This Works

Track your pay, pay rates, raises, reimbursements, and more!

This document works for...

Multiple pay rates like an Office Hourly Rate and a Field Hourly Rate
Extended pay rates like Office Hourly Overtime and Field Hourly Overtime that might be (1.5 x Regular pay)
Pay changes over time such as raises and other pay adjustments
Tracking average hours per week
Annual summaries

Pay errors happen, this document allows you to track your pay. Carry over the values from your bi-weekly paycheck to better see rates, hours, and trends.

The is where all info is added for your paycheck. This table is the original log that all other views are created from. This table reads in values from and .

There are two tables for tracking different pay rates, and . You can change these table names but it's best to keep them paired with the names in . The equations in the pay log will lookup the Pay Category name and match that to the proper pay rate table for the correlating date.

This is where you edit and add your different pay categories and pay types. have 3 categories included in the Pay Log equations. If you add or remove a category, you will need to edit the Pay Log equations.
The first two categories,
, are hourly rates. The third category,
, is for single sum payouts like reimbursements or bonuses.
The table breaks down the Pay Categories into the different pay types. Within the
category, you might have a Regular Rate and an Overtime rate. This table is grouped according to pay category and all equations refer to these categories, so any number of new rates can be added or removed within these categories. The "Scaler" column is a multiplier for rates like "Overtime" where pay might be (1.5x) a Regular rate. The "Scaler" will be "1" to keep the rate the same.

Filter your pay summary by year easily! The table is a view of the full . Use the "Filter by:" dropdown year and the table will update to show your pay summary by that year.

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