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Cross-doc help and examples


We're going to use a Project Management use-case as an example where we have an organization that is split up into teams and each team has their own set of projects to complete. The overall objective of the organization is running a local park and the teams consist of dogs, cats, birds, and squirrels.
Each project has a budget and is assigned to a particular team. As the coordinator for the organization, you're mostly concerned with the progress made on each project and not as concerned with the details of every little decision. For this reason, you want a single document that gives you a report of all projects currently in progress for the park while allowing each team to have their own doc with the freedom to run their projects as they see fit.
Let's get set up...
I've created two coda docs, one with several tables and another where those tables are synced. There are lookups between these tables so we can see how this carries over to the sync doc. We are also going to include a few tricks that help with schema planning along the way.
The is the home of the original tables. This is where we create the original project items and include information that is pertinent to the overall picture. These are data points that rarely change and that each team will need to reference. For our example, Project, Owning Team, and Budget are the big items we need to communicate to each team.
The contains the Source doc tables as sync tables. This example is using a new page for each team in the sync doc, but this could just as easily be a separate doc for each team.

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