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Available development capacity for the next 12 months roadmap: 200 Days
Hosting Costs per Annum: £1,000,000
Overall Product Value per Annum: £5,000,000
No. Customers: 2,000
Time between development completion and live operation for ALL customers: 2 Months

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Methodology - How did I decide on the order?

Step one - Deprioritise

Review which tasks are not critical based on the data available. For instance, the financial regulation -whilst critical, it can be deprioritised because there is a 14 month window before it is required.

Step two - Prioritise vs return on investment

By dividing the predicted financial value by the number of days required, we can ascertain what financial return on investment is achieved by each

Step three - Sense checking step two

Whilst financial ROI is important, it is not the only factor in a company’s profitability.
Manually reviewing the additional information available ensures that you don’t risk deprioritising something with no immediate financial benefit, but with clear repercussions if ignored, such as features which have been requested by 80% of users. This can have an effect on retention rates (therefore customer lifetime value), NPS and referrals

Step four - factoring in redundency

Whilst estimates have been provided, factoring in additional time for delays and unexpected urgent customer requirements is critical

Step five - Brining it all together

Using the above as the basis, it is possible to complete the task, prioritising some ‘quick financial wins’ and also longer term product development, whilst still including time for adhoc developments and requirements

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