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Hello, Ben
3/2/2024 10:19 AM

Table of Contents

How this Doc Works

To add this to another doc, start by clicking
Copy doc
. Then you can build off of that doc, or you can simply click the “3 dot menu” to the right of the page name, and copy the page to another doc you want to add it to.
When you select select a color palette from the list at the top of this page, it will change the colors of the circles at the top of the page.
The name that you’re selecting in that list is referencing the on the page, and pulling in the CSS color strings that are in the columns. The circles are made using equations, and the colors are variables that will be filled based on your selection.
The other pages - , , - are really just meant to serve as placeholders to show what the doc would look like with more content.
You can find more color combinations to add to the table on the page
. Simply add a new row to the table, name your color combo, and add in the 4 CSS strings that you want to combine.

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