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It's Hearts built via a Coda doc!
Inspired and adapted from
How To Play
This supports both human and autonomous players, though admittedly the autonomous players aren’t very good (yet):
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Go to
where you can update the player set, start, and play/observe the game
By default all players are bots. If you start game as is, they will play amongst themselves. If you want to play (with or without any friends) set the players accordingly to your (and/or your friends’) users. Your hand should populate accordingly

Or it you just want to poke around to get started, just go to
, click start, and watch some robots play!
Future Work
Top 3 things:
Visuals could be a lot stronger. Currently re-renders whenever there is an update, you have to click away from to see the update (it warns you as much, not sure if there is a way to disable this Coda feature), and doesn’t really fit without scrolling at least at the start of the hand. There is to potentially render more intelligently, or maybe just need to play around more with table layouts as I’m missing some tricks here. What would be stellar if Coda made this seamless, e.g. if could more natively draw something and link it with table updates.
Support passing each round (e.g. to the left, then across, then to the right, then keep hand, repeat)
Make the bots play better than random
Infinite bonus points would be to add an ML training suite within Coda where we have the bots play a bunch of games against each other, then consume the produced Coda tables as training data to improve bot performance, rinse and repeat. Easy enough, no 🙃?

For laundry list of items as came about them while working on this app see

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