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Welcome to Full stack web development

Hey there,
You have made a great choice enrolling into our academy and we promise you that the benefits you gain will be greater than the little money you paid on the way into this academy.

About ReadBuddy Academy

We started RBA because we wanted to train ambitious smart folk in practical software engineering skills that can be applied in real world problem solving. We leverage exisiting top quality learning resources like Freecodecamp and the Odin project. To leverage existing learning resources like freecodecamp and The Odin Project, you can include them as supplemental resources for learners to refer to during their studies. Additionally, you can create your own curriculum, quizzes, and assessments to complement these resources and ensure that your apprentices are gaining the necessary skills and knowledge.

Program roadmap

Introduction to Programming Fundamentals
Basic programming concepts such as variables, data types, control flow, and functions
Familiarization with popular programming languages like JavaScript, Python, or Ruby
Completion of coding exercises to reinforce learning
Web Development Basics
Introduction to HTML, CSS, and the DOM
Creating simple web pages and styling them with CSS
Incorporating JavaScript to add interactivity and functionality to web pages
Back-End Web Development
Introduction to server-side programming languages such as Node.js or Python Flask
Creating RESTful APIs using frameworks like Express or Django
Relational database management systems like MySQL or PostgreSQL
Integration of databases with server-side code
Front-End Web Development
Advanced JavaScript concepts such as asynchronous programming and data manipulation
Modern front-end frameworks like React or Angular
Understanding of browser rendering engines, including the Document Object Model (DOM)
Use of version control systems like Git to collaborate on projects
Full-Stack Development
Integration of front-end and back-end systems
Deployment of web applications to production servers like AWS or Heroku
Testing and debugging of full-stack applications
Apprenticeship Program
Hands-on experience building real-world applications with a mentor
Participation in code reviews and pair programming sessions
Opportunities to work on open source projects or contribute to community initiatives

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