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Kids on Bikes Campaign Manager

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Welcome, Neighbors!

Kids on Bikes Campaign Manager

Welcome to our small town, where the sun always shines, the crops grow aplenty, and we can’t quite explain some of the local phenomena.

This is a campaign tracker for the RPG (Role Playing Game) Kids on Bikes by Hunters Entertainment and Renegade Game Studios.
In Kids on Bikes, you’ll play as an intrepid group of everyday people attempting to solve strange and sometimes dangerous small-town mysteries. If you love media such as Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Stranger Things, and Dungeons & Dragons, then you’ll probably love the Kids on Bikes system.
More info on this amazing story-based RPG, as well as a free “ashcan” edition of the rules can be found

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How to use this campaign manager:

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The Kids on Bikes Campaign Manager is a tool for storytelling groups to use together while maintaining some necessary secrets. In the spirit of the game design, group consensus and enjoyment matters here!
While this doc helps facilitate play, it is not a substitute for the Kids on Bikes game book. You can use the ashcan rules, full rule set, or any of the additional story guides.
The Kids on Bikes Campaign Manager is best when “owned” by the Game Master and shared with players. Some of the pages are aimed at players, while others are just for Game Masters. There will be moments built into the doc where the Game Master can reveal something to players as they discover it in-game. This allows for collaborative world-building without revealing any secrets.
If you’re interested, a quick video walk-through of the Campaign Manager can be found

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