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One small step starts a journey
This is your quick start guiding to crushing that feeling of hopelessness! The world can change one step at a time, and you can be the creator of that change. Everyone has different resources that they are bringing to the table, and that is great!
Below you can select what resources you have today: Time (some free time to complete a longer action), Talents (skills you have or are willing to develop), and Money (Or physical assets you are willing and able to give away). Remember: no resource is more valuable than the others, they are just different ways of taking action.
After that, select how many actions you think you can reasonably complete today. Keep in mind that this is not a race or competition! Some days you might not have the resources for any tasks, and that is more than ok. We are running a marathon here, not a sprint!
Finally, try to check in with yourself on how you are feeling as you go through this process. Before you complete your action items and after you complete them, click the “Add a feeling” button to add one word that describes how you are feeling. They’ll be put into a word cloud for you over in the “My Progress” page.

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