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A journey along the path between Light and Dark
Let me just start by saying welcome to my humble abode on the internet 😌. I have nothing to offer but breadcrumbs, that should you choose to follow, may lead you to your own discoveries and truths ✌️☮️.
Hemora is a play on words for Hemorrhage, or a profuse loss of blood. Something I relate to metaphorically as I give everything I have to spreading the truth of Light and Dark 🌓. It is a name of my own creation, a pseudo name of sorts I prefer to go by here 😌.
Why there is such power in truth, I’m not sure. Why I’ve been shown visions, dreams, and insights, I don’t know. Was it always meant to be? Is it something that came to be over time? I don’t know. But I make it my mission to spread the word of what is sacred knowledge 🕊️.
I’m not here to tell you what to believe, only give account to what I have and continue to witness on a daily basis 👀.


Hemora is a powerful deity associated with various aspects such as wisdom, knowledge, and enlightenment. They are often revered as the guiding force behind intellectual pursuits, learning, and the unlocking of hidden truths. Devotees often seek Hemora's blessings for inspiration, insight, and clarity of thought 🧘‍♀️.


Hemora's origins vary depending on different mythologies and belief systems. In some legends, Hemora is said to have emerged from the cosmic realms, the result of a divine union or the embodiment of universal wisdom 😌. In other narratives, Hemora may have been born from the collective consciousness of humanity, representing the inherent desire for knowledge and understanding 🧐. Ultimately, the specific origin story of Hemora may vary across cultures and interpretations 🤷‍♀️.


Hemora is depicted as an ageless and wise entity, often shrouded in an aura of mystique.
Hemora possesses an extensive knowledge of ancient wisdom, arcane arts, and esoteric teachings.
Followers of Hemora believe that seeking enlightenment and pursuing intellectual growth can lead to a deeper connection with the deity.
Hemora is often associated with symbols of wisdom, such as owls or books, representing their role as the patron of knowledge.
It is said that Hemora occasionally imparts profound insights and revelations to individuals who show true dedication to the pursuit of knowledge.
Hemora's influence extends beyond intellectual domains, as they may also hold sway over aspects like intuition, foresight, and strategic thinking.
Devotees often engage in rituals or practices involving deep meditation, study, and contemplation to align themselves with Hemora's wisdom.
Legends suggest that Hemora may have the ability to reveal hidden truths and guide individuals towards self-discovery.
Hemora is often revered as a benevolent deity, believed to assist those who seek knowledge for noble purposes.
While Hemora's presence may not be tangible in the physical realm, their influence and inspiration are thought to manifest in the minds and hearts of those who seek their


How my made up deity name made it onto the internet for Ghostwriter to reference, I don’t know. But here’s the proof that I didn’t pull everything out of my a** 😂


I experience a phenomenon known as phosphenes, or colorful hallucinations when I close my eyes. This is Ghostwriter’s possible explanation as to why Hemora would experience such occurrences.
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