The Dream Job Hub
The Dream Job Hub

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Hello and welcome to the Dream Job Hub. It will help you land the job of your dreams in record time.

There are two main components to this workspace: and

What are the projects?
Projects have step-by-step instructions and to-dos to figure out how your dream job looks like and get it.
Click on a project card to demo 👇
🗺️Our roadmap to landing a dream job
The template is based on 6 key stages.
In chapter
@1. Define Your Dream Job | Reverse Engineering
, we want to understand your professional objectives long-term.
Then we will find dream companies, people, and positions in
@2. Source Opportunities | Companies & Jobs 👀
Up next, is
@3. Create A Bulletproof Profile 😍
that will get the hiring manager excited and checks all the boxes.
Next step is
@4. Apply | Skipping The Line
We will build relationships and apply using non-traditional methods.
When you apply online, your chances of getting an interview are just 2%. Instead, we will give a taste of what it’s like to work with us and bypass the application pile with hundreds of candidates in
@5. Stand Out | Value Validation Project
@6. Interview | Dating & Closing
is our chance to “date before getting married.” Do you feel as excited about the position and the person you’d be working with? How do you make the best authentic impression? How do you get the best terms possible? We will cover all of those questions in this section.

are well all of your information will be stored. Think about it as an advanced CRM but job hunting.

Then there are that will help you add job posts, companies, and contacts to this space with one click. Don’t waste your time copy-pasting information manually. What gets measured gets managed!

And finally, there are additional learning to maximize your chances of success.


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