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Study group Template

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Welcome to my Coda Doc! 🤓 👋🏻 🎉
To use this Doc, please signup for a free Coda account 👤


Keep your motivation high by competing with other students 💪
Let your study group push you and keep you on track 🗒
Check in tasks that’s been accomplished every week ☑️
There are three tasks per week:
Videos 📺
Assignments 📚
Practicing / Review week ⌨️
You’ll see the numbered subscript of the task increasing, once you click it 🔢
This indicates a study group member has finished it
You’ll see also more progress bars filled 😉
The overall progress is calculated for the whole study group 👥
Use calendar view to get a bird view of where you are standing 📆
You will see marks indicating the milestones in the table 🎖
Notify other members if they are late 🗣
Expand to see a quick guide 😉 ⤵

Quick guide

In short, there are four steps:
Sign up in Coda for free
Add yourself as a member in
Add My Self
Invite other study group member
Every new member must add himself in
Add My Self
Details are listed below:
Study group member MUST be members in this Coda Doc
First, sign up for a Coda free account
Copy this template to your workspace
Use the share button at top right and enter the emails of the members to be added
Make sure to enable edit permissions for them before sending the invitation
After joining the Doc, add your Coda user in table under Page
At this point you can directly start using this Doc.
Use in page to check in your completed tasks
If any member has less than 3 days before a week’s due date, the Notify button will be activated. Any member can use it to notify those members to complete there tasks in that week.

Screenshot 2021-06-11 at 13.27.27.png
Please contact me if you need help :

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