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PRD: Bobobox Easily Booking Journey

Product Requirement Document (PRD)
Easily Booking Journey
Team: @Product Manager
Contributors: Ayu Savitri
TL;DR: The essential features and specifications of a product or system that enables a streamlined and user-friendly booking experience
Status: Not Started
Shipping: 24 June 2023

Problem Alignment

The Problem

Our KR this Q3 is Increasing Revenue Per Available Room (RevPAR) in Q3.
When we dig deeper into our customer journey and funnel metrics, we find out that Average Direct Booking from App and Website is at 50%.
Through quantitative and qualitative research, users are having a hard time enjoying the full benefit of the products because there are too many layers to pass the journey of the Booking Process.
This issue matters to be a concern because users find the journey way too complicated and a bit frustrating so they didn’t have any fair option to choose their preferred way of enjoying Bobobox’s services.
We propose a solution that can simplify the user interface to make it easier for users to booking process and complete the reservation. When the problem is resolved, it can be measured that Average Direct Booking from App and Website would be generated, and also it can be increased as well.

High-level Approach

Based on Direct Competitor Benchmarking, Agoda and Traveloka. We know that they have a showing status of rooms left, and also they let users take a look at the already sold-out rooms and provide a hint/guide during the booking process.
Based on Indirect Competitor Benchmarking, Airbnb. We know that they provide destination details that are required upfront and can be edited after search results for a more convenient booking process.
As the pioneer of capsule hotels in Indonesia, we will combine those solutions from both platforms to fulfill users' needs. We can provide hints during the booking process as intuitive navigation and optimize the destination details upfront method for simplifying the booking process and reducing the number of steps required.

Goals & Success

How many user activities will interact this feature? It will affect all of our users who already download, install and use the Bobobox app. (based on observation, total users who downloaded the Bobobox app last month is 6,689 with monthly visit 6,361 monthly web visitors, and by that it contributes 25% of our total users).
If we solved the problem, what’s the estimated impacts? If users can easily booking a room to increase the effectiveness, we estimate, it will increase the Average Direct Booking from App and Website potentially by 80%.
So in total, it will Increase our Revenue Per Available Room (RevPAR) in Q3 by 25% * 80% = 20%
We see success if we see in the next month after we launch this feature, we see increment in RevPAR by ~ 24%.

Solution Alignment

Key Features

Give an overview of what we’re building. Provide an organized list of features, with priorities if relevant. Discuss what you’re not building (or saving for a future release) if relevant.

Key Flows

Show some mocks/embeds of the experience. Link to any other documentation as necessary. In general, it’s helpful to organize these around certain user journeys / use cases. Show enough of a clickthrough where people can walk away with a reasonable understanding of how the product works.
Embed example:
⭐️ Now you can embed private Figma files, too!

Open Issues & Key Decisions

Keep track of open issues / key decisions here. Sometimes, certain decisions are made that might feel controversial; document these here so people know that the discussions have happened and there’s strong awareness of the tradeoffs.

Launch Readiness

Key Milestones

Identify any relevant milestones (e.g., a Dogfood or Beta milestone) that people should know about. Make sure to show when you’re expecting to publicly launch, too.
Mon, May 4
Dogfood 🐶
Internal employees only
Testing internally
Mon, May 11
Beta 👥
Early cohort of 100 customers
Getting user feedback
Tue, May 19
Launch! 🚀
Gradual ramp over the day to 100% of all users
It's the big day!
There are no rows in this table

Launch Checklist

Make sure you answer all of the questions below and involve necessary stakeholders.
Instructions if "Yes” (or unsure)
Will new learning material be needed (or updates to existing documentation)? Help Center articles? Images/GIFs? YouTube videos? Plugin documentation?
Talk to the Product Education team.
Will this feature require new support processes, like saved replies, new tags to track feature changes, or training the support team on new products/changes?
Talk to the Support team.
Growth & Data
Have you implemented sufficient tracking in order to measure success, risks and impact on user behavior for the new feature?
Involve your data counterpart to make sure feature is well instrumented.
Could this impact Growth numbers? (E.g., impact to NUX, UI changes to CTAs.)
Let the Growth team know. Consider running this as an A/B if you haven’t already.
Are we turning this feature on for everyone immediately (versus a gradual rollout)
Defend in this section why you’re opting for an instant ramp to 100%.
Are we running a Beta for this?
Talk to the PMM team.
Do we need an onboarding experience?
Talk to the PMM team.
Will this be available only in certain tiers (Pro or Org)?
Make sure the Enterprise team is in the loop and have good reasoning for your packaging decisions. In addition, if this is to be included in sales enablement material, talk to your PMM.
Is this a new action that should be included in the Activity Logs?
Talk to the Enterprise team.
Are you introducing new functionality that we’d want to add to our Web or Plugin APIs?
The general expectation is that the feature team builds these capabilities into these APIs. Talk to the Platform team if you have questions.
Could this break any existing integrations (e.g., with Zeplin, JIRA)?
Talk to the Platform team.
Will this introduce new work on mobile or mobile web?
Talk to the Prototyping team.
Security & Privacy
Are you introducing new data models, or exposing new API end points? Or are you changing anything to do with Authentication, Sign in, or Sign up? Is data flowing to a new vendor or outside of Figma prod ?
Talk with the Security team.
Are we collecting any data that we did not already, or are we using any data in a manner that we did not already use it in?
Talk with the Legal team.

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