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AI Task Magic (demo)

This Coda template helps you turn your task list into an opportunity to build AI skills!
Use Coda’s integration with OpenAI to generate suggested AI use cases in Coda. (This requires a Coda subscription + AI credits/plan.)
Or us this table to create your own custom prompt for ChatGPT, or another AI platform, and get your own suggestions for how to build AI learning into your work.
Email me (alex@alexandrasamuel.com) with any questions or comments.
AI Task Magic Demo table
send new story pitches [demo]
get story assignments
review editor feedback on 2 AI stories
finalize story
fix blog design so featured images show up
make featured images display so blog is more visual
create outline for my upcoming presentation
deliver a great and compelling AI talk
prep/send latest invoice
get paid on time
send new story pitches [demo]
get story assignments
need focused time to think through best angle
Ideal coach
business news editor
Detailed task
My task is to send new story pitches [demo] and my goal is to get story assignments but my obstacle is need focused time to think through best angle. I wish I had a top-notch business news editor who could help me.
How to use AI
GPT can generate new story pitches based on provided prompts and previous data.
You are a business news editor and you want to pitch a unique and engaging story to your audience.
Starting prompt: "You are a business news editor working for a major publication. Your audience is interested in the latest trends and developments in the tech industry. Pitch a story that will capture their attention and provide valuable insights.”
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