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Data Verification & Processing

Data Source, Verification and Guarantees

Our Data:

At BorgDirect Marketing we are dedicated towards data collection and verification processes. Verification includes email verification, contact and company verification via phone, email, social and software.
We first run data algorithms which screen for:
Incomplete records
Personal emails (gmail, yahoo, aol)
Generic emails (like info@)
Invalid postal addresses
Invalid phone number formats
Potential spam traps
Bogus data

Data Sources

How We Build Our Database:

Highly vetted, trustworthy data sources such as:
Tradeshows, events and conferences
Annual reports, SEC Filings and public filings
Business and trade magazine subscriptions
B2B Directory Partnerships
Magazines/Newspaper Subscription
Online Directories and Yellow pages
Business Trade magazine subscriptions Subsidiary Sources:
Websites and Blogs
Web Based Registrations
Surveys and feedback forms

Data Verification

How The Data Is Cleansed:
Collected data is appended by adding missing information to the data file via web research.
Post appending, the team verifies the information captured and validates the contacts via telesurveys.
NCOA, Spam traps /honeypots, complainers, and opt-outs etc. are aggregated into a suppression file.
Social Validation: the data records are validated via social media links

Consent from Contacts

Data Permission:
We send our permission pass mailer to all the contacts stating their contact information has been added to our data file and we give them 4 effective ways to opt-out and all the opt-outs are removed within 48 hours. The process used here depends on the region the contacts are from as we use specific process for different regions across the globe as per the local and international anti-spam acts and DMA guidelines.

Data Guarantees

We Stand By Our Data Quality:
Data comes with the following output fields: Email Address, Business name, Contact Name, Job Title, Business Mailing address with Zip Code, Phone Number, Fax Number, SIC Code, Industry Classification, Annual Revenue Size, Employee Size and Website URL.
Delivery Timeline: It typically takes 3 to 4 business days to process and deliver a contact file - Extract databases from master file, validate the records and output a contact file
Guarantees: Contacts verified/validated using our proprietary in-house validation software solution with minimum data quality guarantees of 85%+ email deliverability and 95%+ on rest of data.
Hard Bounce: We will provide 1 – 1 replacements if the bounces exceed the promised guarantees. Hard bounces does not include catchall and unknowns.
We can use ZeroBounce to validate the emails at an additional fee

Full Backend Office & Data Management

Support Superior Support for Client Requirements:
We have a team of 20+ seasoned data professionals and direct marketing experts always available to in your contact data requirements to provide prompt service, counts, quotes and to any client questions. We are at your service!
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