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Services Suite

This is an exhaustive list of services that deliver & consult on for clients.

As we onboard new clients, we are continually refining our approach towards higher standards of excellence & holistic-ness.

Full Stack Marketing
Developing market penetration strategies
Ad writing
Social media campaigns
Reporting & Analytics
Market research
Preparation of collaterals
Marketing automation
Social Media Marketing
Product & Software Development
Software development and testing
Product development strategy
Go to Market strategy
Website Development
Management Consulting
Interviewing, surveying and making recommendations for cultural alignment
Studying processes and making recommendations to improve efficiency and productivity
Improving internal operations
Improving the client’s tooling & system wide infrastructure
Business Development
Market research
Lead generation
Lead qualification
Setting up customized sales infrastructure
Sales training and empowerment
Design, Animation & Video Creation
Graphic design
Logo design
Animating GIFs
UI Design
Photo retouching
Photo manipulationVideo Editing
Title Animation
2D animation
Infographic animation
Motion graphicsGeneral compositing
Particle generation and integration
Wire cleanup
Screen replacement
UI Generation/Integration with live action
Basic Roto
Wide array of Digital Effects/VFXBasic color correction
Editing Stop Motion animationsPortrait Photography
Landscape Photography
Product Photography
Food PhotographyCinematography
VFX Supervision
Production coordination
Practical Effect coordination
Rough StoryboardingDirecting for Adverts
Directing for Film
Directing Animation
Directing Stop Motion
Writing/Rewriting scripts for film
Writing/Rewriting scripts for advert

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