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Excellence Hunters - 2

Invite Only club of people who move mountains

Being on Top of Your Game is a Conscious Effort

You need to be on top of your game to capture the biggest beast out there - Excellence.

But can you capture excellence with your own power ? The answer is NO. And can you do it with a team of pushovers?? - HELL NO!

You do it by teaming up with Elite Experts from across the fields and pooling and resonating your powers continuously.
Primary members of this club include members from IITs, IIMs, MIT, etc. who have proven record of excellence. They are among the people who are heading Companies or Departments or Funds generating millions of dollars every year.

They have come together on this platform so that they can
Be on Top of Industry Insights and Trends - Ever changing market and world requires a lot of industry related data, industry insights and comparable frameworks to understand present status of industry and predict where it is going. Think about the following
What if you can get the hint regarding supply chain havoc a day earlier?
What if you can get the industry data and trends?
What if you can get the Framework of increasing evaluation of your company before next round of funding?
What if you can get the top pitfalls in your eCommerce business and avoid them in advance?
Getting Excellent Peers / Future Partners / Future Team members - The people onboard are already screened and are among the cream of the crop. They are the ones who move things around and bring impact.
What if you already know who to approach to solve for your company’s problem?
What if you already have one potential candidate that you know who can help you expand the business in the new vertical you are starting in?
What if you already know of a consultant with insights and data for your industry who can tackle your problem?
Finding Mentors and also Mentoring Others - You are top of your game, but what about other things? Dont you wish to mentor people who can help you achieve results in the area unknown till now?
Find Mentors - get the mentors who can really help you achieve things
Mentor Others - Help nurturing formidable people and depending on results you can ask them to join your team!

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